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Symptom-led Activities and Events for Women.

A safe and supportive community for women to find others local to them for fitness, fun and friendship.

Womens social fitness

Where imperfection is perfect

Find local activities

Whether you’re looking for a gym buddy, a running group or friends for coffee, Wobblefit helps you connect with women local to you who share similar symptoms.

Symptom Focussed

Whether you experience chronic pain, fatigue, hot flushes or itchy skin, we help people connect around the symptoms they experience so that they can enjoy activites in a supportive and understanding environment.

Access to partners

We know how hard it is to find the best specialists, nutritionists, physical therapists etc. when it comes to women’s health. We currate relationships with the most trusted for our members to access at a discount.

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Ladies support

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We have now launched our online community.

Meet ladies local to you, create and join local and virtual activities and share and support each other in a private space.

Led by experience

My name is Emma Reilly and I am the founder of Wobblefit.

I was diagnosed with both Endometriosis and PCOS in 2015 and have had multiple surgeries to try and reduce my symptoms.

After joining countless weight loss programs, gyms and bootcamps to try and lose weight and boost my energy, I realised that the extra struggles we experiences due to our ‘wobbly hormones’ meant that I, like the majority, are often not getting the best help for our bodies.

Wobblefit provides social fitness and support for women experiencing female focussed hormone conditions. I can’t wait to meet you at our next class.

Emma Reilly

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