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Smart Symptom Management for Female Hormone Conditions.

Wobblefit helps individuals with female related hormone imbalances lose weight, manage pain and feel healthier and happier at home and at work. 

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Are you looking to lose weight? Manage pain? Improve your long-term health? Wobblefit will support you on your journey.

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Use our health tracker to map your hormone symptoms. Using our AI, we’ll match you with the right classes help you achieve your goal.

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Join pay-as-you-go virtual or pre-recorded classes tailored to your goals and symptoms. 

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You must be an individual who has a hormone-related disorder or experiencing perimenopause or menopause.

Led by experience

My name is Emma Reilly and I am the founder of Wobblefit.

I was diagnosed with both Endometriosis and PCOS in 2015 and have had multiple surgeries to try and reduce my symptoms.

After joining countless weight loss programs, gyms and bootcamps to try and lose weight and boost my energy, I realised that the extra struggles we experiences due to our ‘wobbly hormones’ meant that I, like the majority, are often not getting the best help for our bodies.

Wobblefit finds and verifies the skills and knowledge of our trainers and offers classes based on your body, it’s symptoms and what your goals are.

Emma Reilly

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